Niamh Guckian – Director, Go Motion Academy

  • Niamh Guckian is a highly-experienced television producer director, formerly with RTÉ and The Irish Times. Additionally, as a BBC-qualified trainer, she has been training content makers in video for social media over several years. At Go Motion Academy, she uses her extensive knowledge of broadcast to teach video production for digital marketing. Her courses respond to the challenges faced by businesses in matching their social video content to challenging marketing objectives.

    Presentation Title: Thinking Of Going Live With Facebook? Think Again!

    Live-streaming is a game changer for digital marketing.
    It’s free, it’s easy and anyone can do it.
    Before you’re tempted to live-stream anything that stands still long enough, we’d like you to have a really good think about the why and the wherefore. Enhance your chances of success with live broadcast.


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