Martin Meier – UX / UI Designer, Future Finance

  • Martin is currently UX Design Lead in the Irish Fintech startup “Future Finance”. Previously he designed digital experiences for “Paddy Power Betfair”. His background includes 7 years design and leadership experience in a German digital agency. Leading numerous Finance projects and a design team, has resulted in his broad UX Design and Online Marketing expertise. Martin is dedicated to a user-centered, methodical and agile design approach. His speaker engagements have included German digital conferences as well as his hometown University.

    Presentation title: Prototype first! -Then build a winning product.

    72% of new products fail to deliver on customer expectations. Why should you succeed then?
    This talk will give you the guidance you Need.

    Know your customer! Don’t build on internal wisdom.
    You won’t get it right! In the first place…
    Forget technical excuses! Build a prototype.
    Validate early.
    Learn, iterate & fail fast.
    Build a product that succeeds.



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