Kajsa Nordstrom – Head of Marketing, Cash & Carry Kitchens

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    Kajsa is a Swedish national and has worked internationally for the past 20 years. She has worked in Ireland since 2003 as a Management consultant with assignments for over 20 Irish companies and more recently as Head of Marketing for Cash & Carry Kitchens. She has a double degree in Marketing and Economics.

    Presentation Title: Digital in the context of a bricks and mortar business.

    In a world where “Digital” is seen as a key to success, what do you do when you are a traditional manufacturing company with retail showrooms and a product that needs to be physically built, delivered and installed?

    As with any business you start with your customer. Who is your customer, what are their needs and importantly how do they want to buy. Then you look at where you find them and how you can help them to buy. With that as the guide everything else falls into context. And one of the first things that becomes obvious is that Digital is only a part of a much bigger picture. When online and offline advertising work in harmony with an adept and motivated Sales Team, a built for purpose CRM system and a structure to the process, you can strike Gold.


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