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    Radio show host, Business owner, Keynote Speaker.
    Joseph has vast expertise in sales and marketing, both in Ireland and abroad, with a proven record of accomplishment in achieving year on year company growth and regularly exceeding defined targets. His strength lies in successfully managing and motivating teams to achieve business growth. Over the years Joseph has received awards for excellence in sales and marketing.  Joseph helps companies with lead generation and sales. Joseph also produces and hosts a highly successful radio show on Dublin South FM- Breakthrough Brands. He has had the pleasure of interviewing business leaders, entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors, bestselling authors and consultants from across the globe.

    Presentation Title: “3 Pillars for Business Growth”.

    You need 3 elements in your business. The way we do business has not changed in
    years, only the platforms on which we do business have changed.

    The 3 elements are:
    1. Mindset
    Our minds can present the biggest obstacles and it’s important that we clear those
    2. Marketing
    Showing people you exit and showing that you solve problems, it must be
    consistent and on message. Be clear and precise. Be your own brand!
    3. Sales
    Understanding the step by step of a sales presentation will help you close more
    Get these elements right and your business will grow.


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