Grainne O’ Keeffe – Head of Innovation, Spearline Risk & Compliance


      Ludgate Hub members H&S Grainne O’Keeffe- Head of Innovation spearlike privacy Photography by Emma Jervis

    • Grainne O’ Keeffe – Head of Innovation, Spearline Risk & Compliance's presentations

    Grainne is Head of Innovation at Spearline Risk and Compliance, a global software company based in Skibbereen, West Cork that develops data protection software solutions. ‘Spearline Data Protection’ is a GDPR operational compliance workflow tool that gives you a central place to record all of your GDPR efforts, including your privacy-related policies and procedures, allowing you to centralise the management of your GDPR compliance. ‘Spearline Data Protection’ will allow you to identify, investigate and report on any breaches that may occur in your organisation.


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