Alessandro Prest – CTO, LogoGrab

  • Alessandro leads the LogoGrab technology team. Alessandro is a former Google researcher in artificial intelligence and computer vision at the prestigious ETH Institute. He has undertaken multiple research positions in several institutions and has extensive experience in delivering artificial intelligence solutions to different markets.

    Title: From cave paintings to Emojis

    Humans are the only specie utilising a symbolic form of communication. This has evolved over a period of 40000 years, and like all things in the internet-era, is now due to an even faster mutation. The rise of Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat and the transformation of Twitter into a visual medium are just unavoidable effects of a transition from textual to visual self expression. This transition represents a huge challenge for existing text-based search engines as it hinders the ability to index and measure human-generated content. At LogoGrab we provide Artificial Intelligence that is able to sift through and understand the enormous amount of visual Information shared online everyday and help brands better understand their customers. The talk will discuss the cornerstones in the evolution of A.I. techniques that are enabling the transition from a textual internet to a visual one.


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